Michael Field

[i. e. Katherine Harris Bradley u. Edith Emma Cooper]





       Ταῖσι [δὲ] ψῦχρος μὲν ἔγεντο Θῦμος,
                   παρ δ᾿ ἴεισι τὰ πτέρα. . .


5   I SANG to women gathered round;
Forth from my own heart-springs
Welled out the passion; of the pain
I sang if the beloved in vain
   Is sighed for – when
10   They stood untouched, as at the sound
   Of unfamiliar things,
Oh, then my heart turned cold, and then
   I dropt my wings.

Trembling I seek thy holy ground,
15      Apollo, lord of kings;
Thou hast the darts that kill.   Oh, free
The senseless world of apathy,
   Pierce it! – for when
In poet's strain no joy is found,
20   His call no answer brings,
Oh, then my heart turns cold, and then
   I drop my wings.

[33] All flocks are Pan's; the groves resound
   To Orpheus' golden strings;
25   As swan that, secret, shrills the note
Triumphant from Apollo's throat,
   My muse, from men
Her holy raptures would confound,
   Turns to the woods and springs,
30   Whene'er my heart grows cold, and then
   I drop my wings.

Or by the white cliff's cypress mound,
   My music wildly rings;
I watch the hoar sails on the track
35   Of moonlight; they are turning back;
   Night falls; and when
By maiden-arms to be enwound
   Ashore the fisher flings,
Oh, then my heart turns cold, and then
     I drop my wings.





Erstdruck und Druckvorlage

Michael Field: Long Ago.
London: Bell 1889, S. 32-33 (Nr. XX).

Die Textwiedergabe erfolgt nach dem ersten Druck (Editionsrichtlinien).

URL: https://digitalcollections-baylor.quartexcollections.com/Documents/Detail/long-ago-by-michael-field/330619





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