Robert Browning





Brief an John Ruskin
10. Dezember 1855



"Do you think poetry was ever generally understood or can be? Is the business of it to tell people what they know already, as they know it, and so precisely that they shall be able to cry out 'Here you should supply this that, you evidently pass over, and I'll help you from my own stock'? It is all teaching, on the contrary, and the people hate to be taught. They say otherwise, make foolish fables about Orpheus enchanting stocks and stones, poets standing up and being worshipped, all nonsense and impossible dreaming. A poet's affair is with God, to whom he is accountable, and of whom is his reward: look elsewhere, and you find misery enough.





W. G. Collingwood: The Life and Work of John Ruskin.
With Portraits and Other Illustrations in Two Volumes.
Vol. 1. London: Methuen & Co. 1893, S. 199-202.

Unser Auszug: S. 201.


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